Celebration Cakes

Looking for a cake maker in Rochester? At Gauer Sugarcraft we offer a range of bespoke cakes to the most diverse celebrations or events including baby shower, birthdays, gender reveal, hen party, bridal shower, anniversary, welcome to the world, christening or wedding ceremonies. 

Our cakes are meticulously designed to match your party theme. All our cakes and cupcakes are made with fine attention to detail, so you can be sute to add that wow factor to your party.

Baby Shower cake
Unicorn Cake
sugar flowers
buttercream floral
barnyard cake
Dinosaur cake
Birthday cake
Girl Cake
lambeth cake
tea cake
easter cake
blue cake
wedding cake classic
Buttercream Birthday cake
celebration cake

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Cupcake towers offer alternative options for those seeking a more casual or interactive dessert experience. Our Cupcakes can be tailored to fit various party themes. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a baby shower, or a holiday gathering, cupcakes can be decorated to complement the overall theme, adding a festive and personalized touch to your dessert table.

floral cupcakes
pink cupcake
flower cupcakes
purple cupcakes
red cupcakes
cupcakes decorated
bespoke cupcakes
marble cupcakes
mini cupcakes
cupcakes cherry
floral cupcakes
fondant cupcake
tiffany cupcake
pink cupcakes
red roses cupcakes
pink cupcakes
fall cupcakes

Fondant Biscuits

Our Decorated Fondant Biscuits are perfect for gifts or as a favors,  adding a touch of sweetness and sophistication to your celebration. Fondant biscuits can be customized to match the theme or color scheme of your party. From monograms and names to thematic shapes and designs, the personalization options are endless, allowing you to create a unique and memorable favor for your guests. They are versatile and can be adapted for different occasions, including weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and more.

baby shower biscuits
disney cookie
biscuits favour
pokemon cake
baby shower favour
babyy shower biscuit
decorated biscuits
gift box biscuit
cinderella cake
cake box
easter cookies
baby shower cookies
decorated biscuits